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A variety of loans with low rates! Let’s get you started.

Loan Rates

Loan TypeAPR*Term
New Car          As low as:4.75%Up to 72 mo.
Used Car         As low as:5.50%Up to 60 mo.
New                As low as: 6.99%Up to 60 mo.
Used                     As low as:7.99%Up to 48 mo.
Share Pledge5.50%Up to 60 mo.
RV’s, Travel Trailers, Boats
New or Used     As low as:6.25%Up to 60 mo.
Garden Tractors, Snowmobiles, etc.
New                 As low as:6.99%Up to 48 mo.
Used                As low as:7.99%Up to 36 mo.
Unsecured Signature
($8,500 Maximum)  As low as:
6.99%Up to 48 mo.
Home Equity Line of Credit
($25,000 Maximum)
5 yr. draw
10 yr. repay
Cash Advance
Balance Transfer
($7,500 Maximum)

NO Annual Fee
NO Minimum Finance Charge
25 Day Grace Period
Late Payment Fee: $10.00
Over the Limit Fee: $10.00

Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
*APR-Annual Percentage Rate

All members must show credit worthiness when applying for a loan.
Amount approved will be based on the guidelines set by the Board of Directors.

Certificate Rates

Certificate rates are subject to change.
Rate specials are not listed on the website. Contact us for updated information.

TERMSAPR (Annual Percentage Yield)*APY (Annual Percentage Rate)
3 Month0.95%0.95%
6 Month1.10%1.10%
1 Year1.25%1.25%
18 Month1.40%1.40%
2 Year1.55%1.55%
3 Year1.70%1.70%
5 Year2.00%2.00%

Minimum Deposit $1,000.00
Dividends are paid quarterly based on an average daily balance
Dividends are subject to change without prior notice.
90 day early withdrawal penalty applies on all terms.
(All terms with the exception of 5 years old, which is a 365 day penalty)